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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your minimum?
    Screen Print minimums start with one color projects at least 36 pieces. Anything 3 or more colors has a minimum of 48 pieces. Embroidery minimums are 6 pieces for hats and 3 pieces for shirts. Custom sublimated jerseys are a minimum of 6 pieces for initial order. Laser Engraving, Stickers, Decals and Roll labels are based on minimum price points.
  • Will I get a proof of the order?
    Yes. We provide proofs for all orders.
  • I just need a few shirts for a birthday or event. Can you help?
    We wish you a great celebration, but we do not handle single piece or under minimum orders for specialty events like this. We recommend Etsy for those type orders.
  • What is your turnaround time?
    Turnaround is based on shop current volume and sport seasonality; but typically we have the following turnaround times: Average Time Screen Printing: 10-15 Days Embroidery: 3-14 Days Banners: 1-5 Days average Laser Engraving: 1-7 Days Stickers/Decals/Roll Labels: 1-10 days based on quantity and materials
  • Do we need to buy our shirts or hats for the order?
    No, we provide the apparel as part of the order, unless it is a specialty piece of apparel then we will consider it.
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